“We are known for our curses in this wretched little village of ours…” – The Founder


“You’ve earned my help, Gregor, but not my secrets.”



“It is the same with every girl I kiss. Her affection boils away and only loathing remains.”


The Founder

“I am old, older than you can fathom. It’s whispered around the village I am one day older than dirt.”



“None of you knows the pity of loveliness once admired then lost.”



“Nothing I worry about actually happens, but usually something slightly worse occurs.”



“Imagine if all your food and drink turned to ash the instant it touched your tongue.”



“No point in introductions. I’ll only have to tell you my name again tomorrow.”



“A lazy sot like you wouldn’t understand. I’ve had 20 years of sleepless nights.”


The Oracle

“I can tell you things you need to hear, but they may not be the answers you want.”



“I’m a living furnance, man. I can’t touch anything lest it burst into flames.”